The founder of MooMooMilk is an engineer who has worked in the petrochemical plant in Thailand. He is a father who always cares what his son to eat. He found that most of milk tablets in market have ingredients of creamer, a lot of sugar and only small part of real milk powder. Mostly, available milk tablets have small real benefits to consumers. Therefore he thinks that he will make better nutritional milk tablets that his son and other kids should to eat. He spend more than a year to select ingredients and develop recipe for milk tablet production.

His purpose to create MooMooMilk is not only about snack for kids, he would love to see children deserve the nutritional food in their age. The sugar in milk tablets should be less as less as possible to prevent tooth decay. DHA, Gamma Oryzanol are added in ingredients of milk tablets to increase nutrition of the milk tablet. He strongly believes that MooMooMilk is milk tablets for everyone.